The Most Natural and Therapeutic Cleanser and Face Mask Skin Products - CREEKHEAL 珂芮爾專業醫學保養

The Most Natural and Therapeutic Cleanser and Face Mask Skin Products


Makeup-removal cream or ointments are what is most commonly available on the market. But this bottle of transparent MoistEH Antioxidant Makeup Remover doesn’t steal the attention, it’s not showy, it just shines quietly and plays its part.

Use about 7 to 8 squirts to remove makeup from the skin. It doesn’t have any strong chemical smell or fragrance, it just has its own natural fragrance because it contains natural plant-based cleansing ingredients. After removing the makeup, it feels like having removed a layer of equipment. I felt like my countenance was improved and simultaneously stabilized.

Before, I rarely used mousse-textured facial cleansers. With MoistEH Antioxidant Makeup Remover, just two squirts are needed to envelop the whole face with dense, silky foam. MoistEH Antioxidant Makeup Remover uses foam to sink deeply into skin pores, gently removing deeply enrooted grime from the face. After washing, my face felt comfortable and relaxed.

The MoistEH Antioxidant Foaming Cleanser contains natural plant-based ingredients without any medical alcohol. These ingredients prevent irritation and bacteria.

They make a protective layer over facial skin, which strengthens the skin cells. After using MoistEH Antioxidant Foaming Cleanser for a period of time, my problems with acne disappeared without trace!

MoistEH Moisture-Enhancing Hydrator Toner Complex Product Series all contain plant-based Glycosyl Trehalose. Glycosyl Trehalose is rich in potassium ions, which helps cells to absorb water. Whether skin has become excessively dry due to being in air conditioned rooms for long periods of time or if the skin has lost moisture from sweating during exercise, Glycosyl Trehalose will help your skin regain its natural moisture balance.

The essence on the CREEKHEAL MoistEH Antioxidant Gold Leaf Facial Mask was firmly attached to the mask itself, and throughout the application process I could feel my skin being gently moisturized. This moisturization felt like water in a desert to my dried out skin, which had undergone long hours of exposure in the airplane. My skin hadn’t been rejuvenated for many days, but my skin was glowing after applying the mask. More importantly, my skin’s problems with sensitivity and dryness were completely soothed.

This mask is made out of 100% biodegradable materials, so you can care for the planet while taking care of your skin. It’s amazing that MoistEH Antioxidant Gold Leaf Facial Mask has this added benefit in addition to the effectiveness of the product itself.