Behind The Brand

CREEKHEAL is inspired by the powerful vitality that creeks flowing throughout nature boast, each with a mind of its own, carrying out the mission to nourish others until slowly uniting to become one with the sea.

Mother Nature is our greatest healer. Spending time in the mountains or by the sea, surrounded by the positive energy of nature, is the best way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. CREEKHEAL endeavors to inspire you to explore and discover the healing power of nature with products that are dermatologically tested to help you and your skin find peace and happiness.

Pamper your skin as if you are taking it on a therapeutic journey through a creek to awaken its natural healing power for healthy skin from the inside out. The secret to healthy skin is a happy heart.

CREEKHEAL’s novel approach to skin care is to go back to the beginning, awaken your confidence and believe in your skin’s healing power. We believe that going slow gets your far, as in the philosophy we uphold at CREEKHEAL – Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.