Our Mission

Smooth is fast

The most basic maintenance, like a babbling stream flowing through the earth, forming a slow and deep healing of the skin, and awakening the skin's original ability to heal itself. In contrast with the external and quick-acting treatments of medical beauty treatments, “healing" is a journey inward. At first glance, it seems that it is not faster than treatment, but when the two are aligned, it will work faster than you can imagine.


Awakening the Ability to Heal Itself

Healthy skin, like the body, has good self-healing power and the most natural and ideal cycle. CREEKHEAL believes that awakening the skin’s ability to heal itself and starting the original positive cycle of renewal is the fundamental maintenance path that comes from the source.


Focus on Asian Skin

CREEKHEAL understands the differences in skin quality and has created a full range of proprietary repair regimens, especially formulated for Asian skin, so you no longer have to take chances with your skin and can get the most suitable care.


Taiwan's Exceptional Energy

Dutch scientist Jaap Van Etten once measured and verified that the land that is Taiwan contains extremely high energy, which helps the body and mind develop and enhance inner balance. Walking into the embrace of nature here, one can truly feel the abundant inspiration all around. CREEKHEAL is born in this high-energy field. The founder of the brand lived abroad since childhood, then engaged in self-exploration in Taiwan. Today, she is grateful for the energy of her "home base" which has helped her create this nourishing brand.