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The Flight Attendant’s Favorite Sunscreen


Sunscreen is one of the most important parts of skin care. It prevents tanning and sunburn in addition to reducing skin aging. You can leave the house without makeup, but never leave the house without sunscreen.

Summer is here, and my work requires me to be on airplane flights for long hours, which makes my skin easily get sensitive. This summer, a skin specialist in Taiwan introduced me to an awesome antioxidizing sunscreen that is suitable for Asian skin. It has high elasticity, just the right texture, it’s light and it’s burden-free for my skin, making it perfect for my high-pressure work that requires long hours in the airplane.

The sunscreen my doctor recommended was CREEKHEAL MED+Premium UV Pro Sunscreen. Because I have sensitive skin, my doctor emphasized that it was of particular importance for me to choose the right type of sunscreen.

How to wisely choose sunscreen?

Through the doctor’s explanation I learned that CREEKHEAL MED+ Premium UV Pro Sunscreen increases the strength, breadth and evenness of the sunblock. What’s more, all the ingredients have been approved by skin specialists, which makes it effective even for my unstable skin.

MED+ Premium UV Pro Sunscreen doesn’t just sunblock. It also has unique anti-oxidizing ingredients like the recently popular Rholadia rosea+Glutathione, and even Vitamin C, which has a whitening effect. I think the most special ingredient is RCAP. RCAP is plant-based and does not contain medical alcohol. It protects the skin, soothes allergies and reduces reddening. The names of these ingredients tell me that their protective power is super strong, while also being very soothing and therapeutic.

There are three styles of MED Premium UV Pro Sunscreen: sheer, makeup dry touch and makeup moist. Below are my thoughts after using them:


I recommend using this when going for exercise or when you just don’t feel like putting on any makeup. When squeezed out it’s a white, clear color and has a hydrogel texture. It feels cool and fresh, without any suffocating sticky feeling. It’s great for people of any skin color. Even people with sensitive skin or acne don’t need to worry about it clogging up the pores.

Makeup Dry Touch

I recommend this for those who like a no-makeup look because it’s skin color. It spreads easily and can be used to cover up uneven spots or reddening. After putting it on, my skin takes on a healthy glow and looks brighter.

Makeup Moist

I personally just use this as the foundation for typical flight attendant’s makeup, without using any other foundation. To cover acne scars, just put on a few more layers and it will be about seventy percent covered. Even if you put on several layers, your skin won’t get dry. It holds well, and even after work the makeup still looks freshly applied.

                   Sheer          /                   Makeup Dry Touch          /          Makeup Moist