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Skin Care that Recovers Self-healing Power


Liicensed Pharmacist Lin Yiwen

CEO of Dr. Pong dermatology and Aesthetic Clinic


Skin Care that Recovers Self-healing Power

Beauty is what all women strive for, but what is beautiful? Inner beauty is undoubtedly the aura you give off. Outward beauty is smooth, firm skin that is exquisite and has a perfect sebum-water balance that results in a healthy glow. Good skin also shouldn’t have any discolored spots. To me, those aspects are what constitute beautiful skin.

Changing seasons, ultraviolet rays from the sun, change in atmospheric moisture, and pollutants in the environment all damage our skin. Over time, these irritants causes our skin’s self-healing power to decrease. When that happens, besides letting your skin rest, you can use skin care products that help your skin to recover its self-healing power, such as CREEKHEAL’s Oxygen Enhancement Series. This product series enhances the skin’s self-healing power and contains no controversial ingredients. To apply, coat your face evenly by patting it on. If you massage your face with it, make sure you use a pressing hand motion to avoid irritating your skin. CREEKHEAL’s skin care products help my skin to recover self-healing power when it is sensitive after laser treatment or when seasons are changing. My skin is able to quickly recover its original healthy state.