HE& Skin Purifying Facial Cleanser 5FL.OZ


New texture – light and matte

Indications:Suitable for all skin types.


HE& Skin Purifying Facial Cleanser 150ml / 5FL.OZ

Contains Honey-Matte(Oil Control Factor) to form a natural protective film.
α-Amino Acid cleansing factor ensures mild cleansing and long-lasting moisture.
Natural plant extracts provide antioxidants, act to soften keratin and whiten skin.
Experience the powerful sensation of clean and refreshed skin with matte texture.


Smart Oil Control Sebum-Water Balance


Honey-Matte(Oil Control Factor)

Contains a host of amino acids and a unique amphiphilic molecular structure. Combined with oil absorption and water dispersion characteristics, it binds excess oil to achieve deep smart oil control and forms a natural moisturizing film on skin’s surface, thus strengthening skin’s ability to balance moisture.


α-Amino Acid Cleansing Factor

Similar to the water structure in human cells, it is able to quickly replenish moisture, improve the appearance of dehydrated and dull skin, and maintain skin’s protective moisture barrier over time.


Hypoallergenic Efficient Cleansing Factor Herbal Cooling Factor Citric Acid

The citrus extract and mild cooling formula help soften the stratum corneum and advance epidermal metabolism. It improves the appearance of aging skin by promoting a bright and healthy complexion, anti-oxidation, and other effects.


How to use:Spread the appropriate amount on the damp palm of your hand and rub until a dense foam builds up. Gently massage into the skin to cleanse and then rinse with water.
Storage:Please avoid direct sunlight, keep cool and dry and out of reach of children.
Shelf life:3 years. Use as soon as possible after unpacking to maintain the optimal condition of the active ingredients.
Note:For external use only. In case of any adverse reaction to the product, stop use and consult a dermatologist.