MoistEH Polyphenol+Caviar Age-Defying Cream 1.7FL.OZ - CREEKHEAL 珂芮爾專業醫學保養

MoistEH Polyphenol+Caviar Age-Defying Cream 1.7FL.OZ


Long-lasting antioxidation

Indications:Suitable for all skin types. Particularly suitable for dry, sensitive and mature skin.


MoistEH Polyphenol+Caviar Age-Defying Cream 50g  / 1.7FL.OZ

Precious Caviar Essence for elastic and firm skin.
Super Antioxidant Polyphenolic Factor (Rhodiola),
Whitening + anti-aging effect.
Effective soothing, calming and relaxing.


Graceful and elegant radiance


GlutathioneSuper Antioxidant Polyphenol Factor

A unique anti-oxidant combination formula that inhibits tyrosinase activity and naturally whitens and delays skin aging.


Caviar Essence

Amino acid, vitamin A, Omega3, and Omega9 enhance the self-healing power of cells, deeply repair and protect collagen proliferation, and increase oxygen content in cells for a firmer more supple skin.

Highly Effective Soothing Factor

Reduces sensitivity to external stressors and irritants, thus soothing and relaxing the skin.


Complex Ceramide

Enhances the lipid integrity of the stratum corneum, forming a natural waterproof film to enhance skin protection.


How to use:Apply on cleansed skin morning and evening. Gently massage into skin until fully absorbed.
Storage:Please avoid direct sunlight, keep cool and dry and out of reach of children.
Shelf life:3 years. Use as soon as possible after unpacking to maintain the optimal condition of the active ingredients.
Note::For external use only. In case of any adverse reaction to the product, stop use and consult a dermatologist.