About SHE’N

The company’s name was inspired by the founder last name: Shen.

SHE symbolizes female power.

N means “and” or “together.”

New Age/New Era refers to an era flourishing from one’s passion.



CREEKHEAL’s novel approach to skin care is to go back to the beginning, awaken your confidence and believe in your skin’s healing power.

We believe that going slow gets your far, as in the philosophy we uphold at CREEKHEAL – Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. It’s all about healing.


Multiple collaborations with dermatology clinics and major hospitals have given us a better understanding of how skin differs between ethnic groups.

CREEKHEAL products are formulated with only carefully selected ingredients that are safe using hHighly purified deionized water and packaged in recyclable bottles.

Good for your skin and good for earth.


CREEKHEAL offers a range of products designed for Asian skin types dedicated to giving you youthful skin from the inside out.